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Young Grittleton announce cancellation of 2020 courses

It is with sadness we announce that Young Grittleton has needed to cancel its courses this year as a response to the Covid19 pandemic.

They wanted to send their best wishes to all involved on the Swiss side, and will do so in due course.

We know how much the Swiss Quartet has looked forward to the UK part of the exchange, and indeed us too; but that we are still able to plan is a tribute to Switzerland’s handling of the pandemic, and all of the participants' determination. 

We are determined and hopeful regarding the chance of having a UK presence in Binn, and we will keep you informed of our efforts regarding this.

We will take all possible precautions, conform to every regulation to keep safe, and work hard to remind all what a wonderful world this is, through the universal language - music.

Our Regards, 

Gwilym and Nathalie

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