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Updated: May 15

It was only a matter of time; Our forthcoming 2024 course has reached its maximum number of participants, we are delighted to announce.

It's still more than two months ahead, but this early filling up of places on the course has allowed us to complete the repertoire planning in record time, which in turn gives students a long time to look at the music before arrival in Blatten.

With a full number of students we've needed to take an extra rehearsal space, which we are excited about. The mix of students is great; returning and new, young and a little less young. it's going to be great!

And we are happy to be welcoming Abi Hyde-Smith and Justin Lamy to the summer's coaching role-call.

We are lucky to be able to call on these distinguished guest coaches - they bring a vast amount of knowledge and enthusiasm to the course, and Nathalie and I can't wait to see how we all get along together!

You can read all about them on the site by following this link - Justin and Abi.

Olivier - "I am very happy to see that Festival of Chapels 2024 is stronger than ever, and I hope that you look forward to this magical musical immersion.

Sophie and myself are unfortunately not going to be able to attend this year’s course, as we are confronted with professional duties that we cannot avoid. However we look very much forward coming back next year, and I am excited to announce that this year’s coaches, replacing us will be Justin and Abi., both fantastic musicians and coaches. Justin is a violin virtuoso, with international acclaims both in Europe and North America, who I have known for many years. He is a dedicated violin and chamber music pedagogue, with profound kindness, and I look forward that you all will get to benefit of his professional guidance.

Abi, a long time colleague of both Sophie and Gwilym, brings her highly qualified, wonderful playing to you with the brightest of dispositions.

I will be coming to festival of chapels concerts on the last day, and am very much looking forward to your performances".

If you are reading this and are disappointed not to be able to attend this year, we are sorry - but why not apply for next year now to avoid missing out?

Use our contact form on the home page of the website, and we'll acknowledge your interest and notify you when next year's course begins accepting applications ...usually in September.

And if you are just reading this and feel inclined to support our work, why not popover to the supporters page and donate a little something?

It all helps to strengthen our work!

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