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Olivier Piguet, our wonderful coach, presents an online festival of music with his trio

The Festival Artecordes is a chamber music festival taking place in Neuchâtel every year, this year it will be happening online, the 26, 27, and 28 of march.

Great artists such as baroque Violinist Andres Gabetta, and Bandoneonist Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi will be performing on the first night of the festival for an all Astor Piazzolla concert, in order to celebrate his hundredth birthday.

The second night will be together with the soprano Anne Cambier and oboe player Luk Callens, on a film music evening.

The third night will host Sidonie Bougamont, violinist and Frederic Kirch on the viola in the Mozart String Quintet in g minor k 516 and Dvorak's piano quintet op 81 n.2 in A Major.

The Trio Mistral, the pianist Maiko Inoue, the cellist Johannes Burghoff, and the violinist Olivier Piguet, will take part every night.

The other wonderful artists taking part in the festival are the violist Saya Nagasaki, the violinist Eurydice Vernay, and the double bass player Eduardo Garcia.

Make a date this Friday, Saturday and Sunday - or maybe all three, 8pm European or 7pm UK if you're not 'Zoomed out!' - youtube Channel

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